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Creativity, Individuality & Self-Expression

 The YAE Juried Art Competition Awards Ceremony and Gallery will take place on Friday, May 20th from 5pm - 8pm. The winning pieces will be on display throughout the month of June in the Judith Barnes Memorial Gallery.

All participating students, families, teachers, and school administrators are invited to attend. The awards ceremony will begin at 5pm in the E.B. Ball Auditorium at Cornerstone Center for the Arts, located at 520 E. Main Street, Muncie, IN 47305.

The theme of the 2022 Young Artist Exhibition Juried Art Competition is “My Community”. Over the past two years, our understanding of community has shifted as every aspect of our lives has  changed from the familiar, to the digital unknown, to something completely different, a mix of the before-times and the future. Through it all, we have had our community - whether it was learning something new with our classmates on Zoom, having socially distanced holiday dinners, or getting back outside to play with our friends for what felt like the first time in forever, we had each other to get through this unprecedented time in our lives.

How would you describe the community you are a part of? What do you share in common with others around you? How is a community built? What do you see everyday that is an example of the community you live, learn, and play in? Think about these ideas as you create brand new works of art for the 2022 YAE Juried Art Competition!

Contestants are invited to submit up to two (2) works of art in the following categories: 2D (painting, drawing), 3D (sculpture, fiber arts, ceramics), and Intermedia (photography, videography, digital animation). No more than two submissions will be accepted per student. 

This year’s age categories are as follows:
K - 2nd Grade
3rd - 5th Grade
6th - 8th Grade
9th - 12th Grade


2022 Young Artist Exhibition Juried Art Competition

Presented by PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union and Cornerstone Center for the Arts

2022 Young Artist Exhibition

A Celebration of Young Artists



★ Tuesday, February 1, 2022: Call for Submissions
★ Friday, April 1, 2022: Submissions Close, Contestants Bring Their Works to Cornerstone Center for the Arts
★ Sunday, April 10, 2022: Judging is Complete, Winning Artwork Prepared for Gallery
★ Friday, May 20, 2022: YAE Awards (5-8pm) Cornerstone Center for the Arts Auditorium and 2nd Floor                                                         ★ Thursday, June 2, 2022: First Thursday, Public Gallery Opening
★ Monday, June 6, 2022 - Friday, June 30, 2022: Display winners in Primetrust branches throughout Muncie


★ The YAE Juried Art Competition is open to all K-12 students who reside in Delaware County.
★ Public, private, charter, and homeschooled students are invited to enter.
★ The grade categories are K - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th, and 9th - 12th.
★ The categories for this year’s competition are: 2D (painting, drawing), 3D (sculpture, fiber arts, ceramics), and Intermedia                                                                    (photography, 
videography, digital animation).
★ No more than two submissions will be accepted per student.


★ All artwork must be original and created within the last six months specifically for the YAE Juried Art Competition. Every submission must include                  an artist’s statement explaining the piece’s adherence to the exhibition theme.
★ No artwork containing copyrighted material, offensive content, or depictions of sex, drugs, or violence will be accepted.
★ All artwork must be submitted via Google Form. Every work of art must be submitted separately.
★ When the submission period ends, finalists in each category will be selected and notified. They will be invited to bring their works of art in person                    
to Cornerstone Center for the Arts for installation in the gallery.
★ 2D works on paper or canvas cannot exceed 18 inches x 24 inches.
★ 3D works cannot exceed 48 inches x 30 inches x 30 inches and must weigh less than 50 pounds.
★ Intermedia works can be submitted via thumb drive or email (, depending on the size of the file.

Phone: 765-281-9503 // Email:


K - 2nd 2D

1st - $50  |  2nd - $25  | 3rd - $15

In addition to first, second, and third place awards, the Susie Burns Memorial Scholarship, presented by the Muncie Arts Guild (MAG), will be awarded to the high school artist of their choice. 

The YAE Juried Art Competition finalists will have the opportunity to see their work professionally displayed through the month of June in the Judith Barnes Memorial Gallery at Cornerstone Center for the Arts, beginning on Friday, May 20th, 2022.

K - 2nd 3D

1st - $50  |  2nd - $25  | 3rd - $15

K - 2nd Intermedia

1st - $50  |  2nd - $25  | 3rd - $15

3rd-5th 2D

1st - $75  |  2nd - $50  | 3rd - $30

3rd - 5th 3D

1st - $75  |  2nd - $50  | 3rd - $30

3rd - 5th Intermedia

1st - $75  |  2nd - $50  | 3rd - $30

6th-8th 2D

1st - $100  |  2nd - $75  | 3rd - $50

6th-8th 3D

1st - $100  |  2nd - $75  | 3rd - $50

6th-8th Intermedia

1st - $100  |  2nd - $75  | 3rd - $50

9th-12th 2D

1st - $150  |  2nd - $125  | 3rd - $100

9-12th 3D

1st - $150  |  2nd - $125  | 3rd - $100

9 - 12th Intermedia

1st - $150  |  2nd - $125  | 3rd - $100

For questions or accommodations, please contact the Education Department at Cornerstone Center for the Arts at or by phone at (765) 281-9503.